N 005 Gentle D drive thru dry cleaners

$ 38.18

N Scale Laser cut Drive-thru dry cleaners

In stock (can be backordered)


Gentle D’s cleaners will return your clothes in 12 hours and is open 24/7. We¬†offer drop off and drive thru services for your convenience!

The kit uses a mix of laser cut MDF, laser cut manilla board and 3D printed parts to make assembly fast, accurate and easy whilst being detailed and sturdy.

The building has two covered entrances as well as drop-off and collect windows. The side and rear of the building has high level windows and a fire escape, while the roof has an air conditioning unit and ductwork as well as a satellite dish. The building base features cracked concrete slabs and a length of sidewalk with the roadside sign in it.

The 3D printed features by Ngineer are AC unit, upblast fan and satellite dish and ARE included in the kit.

Detailed instructions guide you through assembly step by step.


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