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Enzo Granelli moved to the US in 1974. He had previously been trained as a chef in Verona, Italy and worked his way through several jobs perfecting his signature pizza until he decided it was time to open his own Italian restaurant. He bought a railside structure and set about realizing his dream – Granelli’s. Before long, he was the only Italian restaurant in town. His success lead him to expand into the take-out market, hiring a bunch of people to take the food to peoples houses from the back door of the restaurant.

In spring and fall, customers sit on chairs on the sidewalk at the front of the establishment, chatting and eating his famous gelato. Only the occasional train interrupts the conversation.

The kit is laser cut from 1mm MDF and oiled manilla card. The main structure features slot and tab construction and a majority of the detailing uses scored alignment markers. Hints and tips are included through-out the step-by-step instructions.

A perfect addition to your Downtown.

Go Granelli’s!



Gordy Robinson’s superb build

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