N 025 Concrete Plant

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Nordin’s concrete plant is a busy operation with sand, shingle and cement being weighed and delivered by truck to the hoppers where they are lifted by conveyor to the holding silos on the roof of the mix and dispatch building. Meanwhile there is a constant stream of  trucks loading and taking the concrete off around town to the numerous construction sites.

Add the 3D printed parts to finish:


Silos, water tank and cyclone dust extractor


Conveyor belts

Rooftop railings

The Laser cut parts include

The ramp and weighbridge – the sides of the ramp are cut patterned to represent Terre Armee.

The hold and mix plant – Laser cut Slaters corrugated plastikard is used as the skin of the building, simply CA glue the skin to the MDF girder frame and use a styrene adhesive to fasten the plastikard pieces together. Laser cut manilla card is used for window frames, door ways and grills to complete. Buy the ramp and building here and follow the links above to purchase the Shapeways parts.

The kit is supplied with a graphics sheet of labels and signs designed by John Lewis.

The Conveyor could be refashioned to unload from a covered hopper car without much difficulty – run the track over a hole in the baseboard and have the conveyor descend into the hole to lift the cement/sand/shingle from the car. Using two conveyors – one on each side of the building, or the railroad conveyor dropping onto the hopper belt would allow both road and rail operations.

Alternatively, use the N Scale Laser covered unloading bay kit to make the plant rail served.

Also available as a kit with all the 3D printed parts

Add the N scale Laser yard office kit to the site as shown in the diorama image

Why not add MadAboutCars excellent front dispatch Oshkosh concrete mixer truck to your next Shapeways order?



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